After cryptically teasing their return via social media, Yellowcard have officially ended their hiatus, revealing that they have signed to Equal Vision Records for their upcoming EP “Childhood Eyes”, produced by Neal Avron (Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Alanis Morisette, Good Charlotte).

Their new single of the same time title,“Childhood Eyes”, is available to stream now at and arrives with a cinematic new video directed by Jordan Phoenix -

The track is bursting with optimism for the next chapter of Yellowcard - a beloved band with such a unique talent for capturing the essence of living.

Speaking on the new single, William Ryan Key says: I woke up in the middle of the night with the chorus ringing in my head. I grabbed my phone off of the night stand and started typing away, squinting in the dark. This was months before we even started demoing the EP. When we started writing I threw the idea in the hat at the last minute, picked up a guitar to try and put music to the melody in my head for the first time, and Childhood Eyes was born. This is a song about being defeating, let down, and deceived time and again, but still managing to find your creative soul and carry on. I think it captures the spirit of Yellowcard, both old and new.”

Yellowcard announced that their newest EP “Childhood Eyes” will be out on July 7th via Equal Vision Records. It is the band’s first musical offering since the band’s 2016 self-titled album.


William Ryan Key - Vocals/Guitar

Sean Mackin - Violin
Ryan Mendez - Guitar
Josh Portman - Bass

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