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Hi. I’m Eli. I’m gonna talk about myself for a little while here, cause this is what they call in the biz – a “bio”. I usually find them pretty narcissistic so I won’t be offended if you put it down immediately. But if you really want to know, I’m five foot six and a half, unable to catch a ball, and anxious 40-60% of the time. I live in Los Angeles, California but i’m probably gonna move soon to the middle of nowhere. I’m 25. My mom forced me to start taking piano lessons when I was six, which I hated but now thank her for. When I was 14 I started realizing that I felt scared and sad all the time. Then I found a band called My Chemical Romance that told me it was okay to feel that way. Punk rock became my_x000B_life and I started writing songs because I don’t know, I probably needed somewhere to put all the worry.

I moved to LA when I was 20, met this awesome guy Micah and we started this band called courtship. We’ve toured around the world with some of my favorite bands: Weezer, The Wombats, Passion Pit and many more. It was actually_x000B_when we were on the road with Passion Pit that I started scribbling words in notebooks that would become the first Eli Hurts songs. I had just gone through “the big break up” and also had just been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive_x000B_Disorder. But not the kind where you need things to be tidy in your space – the kind where you have obsessive thoughts. I came to Michael (singer of passion pit) and kinda told him about the stuff going on in my head and also showed him some stuff I was working on. He was super supportive and also he gave me the confidence not to instantly quit lol.

Anyway, then I spent the next year and half writing and producing this record. I was listening to so much different stuff when I made it – Smashing Pumpkins, 100 gecs, Steven Sondheim musicals, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lil Peep, Classical_x000B_music, Weezer of course. I’m so lucky to work with a couple of my best friends – Katie Pearlman who’s this crazy amazing songwriter, and my buddy Ethan Gruska who is (LITERALLY) going to be the biggest producer in the world._x000B_The record’s about feeling alone, like the world is falling apart, and heartbreak…Jesus. How depressing. I dunno, somehow by doing this it makes it all ok, or better than ok. Weird. Soooo….that’s my rant. Worth the read?


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