Izzy Mahoubi

izzy Mahoubi is a singer/songwriter who has something unique to share with the world. Her refreshing melodies and relatable lyrics are beyond her age of 17. Raised in Phoenix, Izzy began performing at the age of 12 around Arizona and in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up listening to Tom Petty, Taylor Swift, and The Beatles bore Izzy’s love for songwriting and storytelling at a young age. At the beginning of 2022, Mahoubi began performing with a band around the Valley where they have had success opening for national touring acts and headlining many of their own shows. After graduating high school this past May, Izzy has started pursuing her music career full-time performing many shows and writing dozens of songs. Her undoubtedly honest and memorable lyrics have gotten traction and positive feedback on platforms like TikTok and Instagram where she has begun to grow a fan base. With each song, Izzy pours out her honest love for music through her perspective on the world with the hope that anyone who listens would feel inspired to share their own stories.

Izzy Mahoubi Vocals, Guitar

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