Rude Records is an international and independent record label based in Milan, Italy. Our mission is to create a diverse selection of talent and musical projects that can be globally distributed.

Rude Records manages all functions of a typical record label internally (A&R, talent scouting, marketing, PR, communications, royalties management).

Rude is an established reality within the alternative-rock music scene. Since its foundation in the year 2000, our label has been developing its own growing roster of international artists during the past decades. Rude Records is digitally distributed worldwide by Sony Music via The Orchard, the main global independent digital aggregator. Rude Records is also a US music publisher and has and has direct worldwide physical distribution deals.

Ilich Rausa

Founder, President

Federico Croci

A&R, General Manager

Filippo Falconi

Project Manager

Beatrice Feudale

Digital Strategist

Stefano Aschieri


Davide Storelli

Graphic Designer

Nicolò Bertaglia

Sales & Production

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