Homebound are a Pop Punk/Emo 4 piece from Farnham, Surrey, UK; made up by Charlie Boughton, Tom Mellon, Chris Wheatley and Joe Aspell-Beaumont.

Since their formation, the band has gone on to tour with the likes of: Four Year Strong, As It Is, Trash Boat, Boston Manor, Broadside, Milestones and many more.

Having released their “Permanence” EP in the summer of 2015 via Failure by Design Records, the band have since written and recorded their follow up release “The Mould You Build Yourself Around” produced by Seb Barlow, which saw release via Rude Records on February 10, 2017.

‘The Mould You Build Yourself Around’, the band’s debut EP on the label, is based on the idea that from choosing that I want a life in music and in this band, it has shaped my morale, what I value in life, my personality, the decisions I make whether serious or trivial, literally anything and everything and made me who I am today and at times, this has alienated me from other people. The songs included in this EP specifically depict scenarios whereby these things have come into act and have affected my life and relationships with others.

On August 17, 2018 their sophomore EP on Rude, ‘More To Me Than Misery’ was released. It was introduced by mid-blowing singles ‘Change Of Heart’, ‘Coming Clean’ and ‘Indelible’.

“More To Me Than Misery draws on the many pitfalls when searching for happiness in love and life. Last year was possibly the best and worst year of my life for the very same reasons and you begin to fear the very things that once made you who you are. Honesty is a strong theme throughout the record, not just lyrically but I feel it transpires right through to the very core of everything we did with MTMTM. We treated the whole process like it was the last thing we might ever do as a band and I believe that’s made for the best collection of songs we’ve written to date. There’s certainly no hiding the fact that it’s a sharp change from the previous Homebound but it’s definitely the closest representation of the band we want to become”.


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