A Mind Waiting To Die - Limited Edition Digital Pressing

Graphic Nature

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Limited to 50
Graphic Nature are excited to announce the release of “A Mind Waiting To Die” on this new Digital Pressing Variant. By purchasing this digital copy of the album, you will get access to a deep dive into the lyrical content of each song as well as contributing to new ways that musicians can support themselves in new sustainable ways.

What is a digital pressing?
A digital pressing is a new way to experience music that unites artists and fans through a collectible format. Pressings include full length audio, artwork, inclusion in the intimate community of owners, as well as the option to redeem unlockable rewards.

What do I get when I buy a digital pressing?
When you buy a pressing, you receive a limited edition release of the album, EP or single, stamped with your name for the rest of time, as well as access to unlockable rewards. You can listen to the pressing on Serenade or transfer it to a third party wallet using our simple transfer feature.

Can I use my credit or debit card to purchase a digital pressing?
You can use any credit or debit card to make a purchase on Serenade, as well as Coinbase for crypto payments. We make it easy to purchase a pressing so that tech doesn’t come in between you and your favourite artist.

Aren’t NFTs bad for the environment?
Sometimes, but not on Serenade. Our NFTs are minted on the eco-friendly blockchain Polygon, the blockchain of choice by Twitter, Meta and Disney. Using Polygon allows us to proudly say that you would have to produce 197,000 pressings on Serenade to equal the carbon footprint of a single 12 inch record. That stat never gets old – unlike climate deniers.

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