Never Better Digipak

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Release date: 11th February 2022

Track Listing:
1. Low
2. Hangar
3. Normality
4. Panic Attack
5. Here In My Hell
6. Pity Lines
7. Down
8. Current Dose
9. Headstone
10. Never Getting Better
11. Dead Space

Instant Downloads: “Hangar”, “Panic Attack”, “Current Dose” & “Never Getting Better”
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“Never Better”, stems from a place of monotony, helplessness, and apathy at the state of the world around us. The record reaches out to different feelings that many of us have experienced over the last few years, from a state of mind that is pessimistic when faced with the question, will things ever improve? Lyrically this album touches on personal grief, abusive & toxic relationships, losing touch with the things that you once loved growing, and overall acceptance that it is what it is, and you sometimes have to buckle up and move forward to keep yourself sane.

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