Greyhaven, a four-piece progressive post-hardcore group from Louisvile, Kentucky are back and ready shed light on life’s darkest areas with the announcement of their new record, ‘This Bright and Beautiful World’. But first, Brent Mills (vocals), Nick Spencer (guitar), Johnny Muench (bass) and Ethan Spray (drums) are ready to have some fun with the drop of the newest single, “ALL CANDY”.

Mills hopes listeners develop a “gratitude for life” after listening to ‘This Bright and Beautiful World’ and wants to help people come to terms with who they are. Even if things seem dark, this record has an important takeaway – “Find joy in small things. It’s worth putting in the work to find what you think is beautiful in the world.”

Brent Mills Vocals // Nick Spencer Guitar // Johnny Muench Bass // Ethan Spray Drums

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