Eat Your Own Black & White Splatter Vinyl EP

Delaire The Liar

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Music, at its best, opens the door to an honesty that borders on disconcerting. For London four-piece Delaire The Liar,
expressing a central truth is at the very core of all they create. Utilising a weaponised punk rock attitude that feeds
into a visceral delivery and live performance, married with a fragility and earnestness that extends a welcoming hand
to the listener, Delaire The Liar are set to explore the nuances of human emotion and response.
“EAT YOUR OWN” is about duality, it’s about people, how we mechanise grief and trauma any way we can to stay
engaged with our surroundings and the people we love, to be attentive even when we can’t focus on ourselves. It can
manifest as desperation, pleading, fury, humour and hysteria but irrespective of the complexities of human emotion,
from the light to the dark it all resides in one body and we have the capacity for every outcome. Both sides of the coin.

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