Common Dreads Green & Black Nebula Vinyl LP

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Common Dreads on Green & Black Nebula Vinyl

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Limited to 600

This eco-friendly variant of Common Dreads includes:

  • LP printed on Greenyl. 100% eco-friendly, PVC-free, sustainable production process.
  • Exclusive UV Printed Labels with Eco-Certified Inks
  • Eco-Certified paper parts (FSC & PEFC)
  • Laminated Sticker
  • Reusable polybag

This record is part of Be The Change, a project conceived and developed by Greenyl, the first 100% eco-friendly Vinyl Record plant, and Rude Records, aiming at raising awareness towards climate change and environmental impact within the Music Community. We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good. And we are on a mission to make our Earth a better place through music!

We’ve selected Artists that share this vision for the official launch of Greenyl and we designed exclusive and limited Green variants of one of their records to offer to fans globally. For each record sold a donation to Green Future Project will be made, and 100 new trees will be planted.


Side A

1. Common Dreads
2. Solidarity
3. Step Up
4. Juggernauts
5. Wall
6. Zzzonked
7. Havoc A
8. No Sleep Tonight

Side B

1. Gap In The Fence
2. Havoc B
3. Antwerpen
4. The Jester
5. Halcyon
6. Hectic
7. Fanfare For The Conscious Man

Did you know each standard Vinyl has an impact equal to 16 CDs?
The main cause is chloride contained in PVC-made traditional vinyl records that, during production, is released into the air. Chloride is a toxic gas and has a very high impact. An average vinyl generates harmful emissions 16 times more than any other physical musical support. Research has shown how the growing demand for Vinyl will negatively impact the environment.

How does it sound?
A Greenyl sounds perfect and has a high-quality sound. After over a year of research and development, we’ve found excellent sound in all the proposed variants.

PLEASE NOTE: variant mock-ups are not actual representations of items, actual items may vary.
Shipping date subject to change.

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