Childhood Eyes Magenta Etched Vinyl LP


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Childhood Eyes on Magenta Vinyl with Full Side Etching on Side B

Gatefold Package

Limited to 100

This is a premium heavyweight vinyl. This title is printed on Greenyl, 100% eco-friendly, PVC-free vinyl. Using only recycled materials and renewable energy sources, the production process of this vinyl is completely sustainable.


Side A
1. Three Minutes More
2. Childhood Eyes
3. Hiding in the Light
4. Honest from the Jump
5. The Places We’ll Go

Side B

The upcoming EP was produced by Neal Avron (Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Alanis Morisette, Good Charlotte). 

About the new single 'Childhood Eyes', William Ryan Key said: "I woke up in the middle of the night with the chorus ringing in my head. I grabbed my phone off of the night stand and started typing away, squinting in the dark. This was months before we even started demoing the EP. When we started writing I threw the idea in the hat at the last minute, picked up a guitar to try and put music to the melody in my head for the first time, and Childhood Eyes was born. This is a song about being defeating, let down, and deceived time and again, but still managing to find your creative soul and carry on. I think it captures the spirit of Yellowcard, both old and new.”

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