Vagrants, a three-piece group from Pensacola, Florida, are back with a powerful new song, “You Still Linger”. The group, consisting of Jose DelRio (vocals, guitar), Bryce Ballinger (guitar), and Anastasia Hayes (drums), expertly blend the classic technicality of post hardcore with modern electronic elements to create a sound that is all their own.

Having recorded “You Still Linger” during the pandemic with Matt Goldman, the time off from touring allowed Jose to take a deep-dive into furthest experimenting with different sounds and textures at his own recording studio in Pensacola. The end result is a skillfully co-produced track which draws inspiration from influences like Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, The Chariot and Radiohead.

Since the single was written before the pandemic, the extra time enabled Jose to truly absorb the lyrics to where the song actually took on more meaning for him. Initially written about Jose’s childhood trauma and how it affects him as an adult, he realized “You Still Linger” can relate to so many different types of people and the hardships they may face. Jose stated, “I wanted to use the metaphor of a ghost that’s always there and is constantly weighing you down. It’s always sitting on your shoulder and you can feel its presence, but you can’t physically see it. It’s about confronting the shitty things that happen to you instead of denying and pushing it all down.” The lyrics tell an important story about mental health and how past trauma, childhood or not, can change how you view the world, your relationships with people and how you function as a human being overall.

This energetic yet heartfelt song challenges the listener to look at themself in the mirror and really examine their behaviors. Despite this simply being an incredible song to welcome Vagrants back into the scene, the band does an excellent job at invoking self-reflection in the listener which is something we can always work on. They hope that “You Still Linger” will start conversations and open up those who feel closed.

Jose Del Rio Vocals/Guitar // Bryce Ballinger Guitar // Anna Hayes Drums

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