Heaven :x: Hell Pink & Light Blue Yolk Double Vinyl LP

Sum 41

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Limited to 500

This exclusive variant of Heaven :x: Hell includes:

- 100% Eco-Friendly, zero-impact, carbon-neutral LP
- Laminated sticker
- Hand-numbering
- Eco-certified paper parts (FSC & PEFC)

The final album from Canadian punk rock legends Sum 41 "Heaven :x: Hell" is part of Be the Change, a project conceived and developed by Rude Cares aiming at raising awareness towards climate change and environmental impact in the Music Community.

We’ve selected Artists that share this vision and we designed exclusive and limited Eco-Friendly variants of one of their records to offer to fans globally. Donations to the Green Future Project for each release are made, and 100 new trees are planted to offset each project’s residual footprint fully.


Side A:
1. Waiting On a Twist Of Fate
2. Landmines
3. I Can’t Wait
4. Time Won’t Wait
5. Future Primitive

Side B:
1. Dopamine
2. Not Quite Myself
3. Bad Mistake
4. Johnny Libertine
5. Radio Silence

Side A:
1. Preparasi A Salire
2. Rise Up
3. Stranger In These Times
4. I Don’t Need Anyone
5. Over The Edge

Side B:
1. House Of Liars
2. You Wanted War
3. Paint It Black
4. It’s All Me
5. How The End Begins

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