"We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good."

We at Rude Records believe that everyone has the opportunity and responsibility to make the world a better place. That’s why Rude launched “Rude Cares”, the charity branch of the label.

Our aim is to connect artists and fans with no profits entities, associations and benefit projects dealing with civil rights, environment, mental health and other causes worthy of support. Rude is a B Corporation and is legally committed to allocating part of the annual Company’s profits to the support of activities and projects aimed at fighting inequalities and ensuring equity and quality in access to resources for every individual.

 We are on a mission to make our Earth a better place through music! Hop on board with us!




In a world where music and nature collide, a collection of extraordinary artists come together for a noble cause. "Changing Tides" is a collection of acoustic covers by the talented artists from Rude Records roster.
This compilation is more than just a musical endeavor. This project is a partnership born out of a deep commitment to the preservation of our oceans and its precious wildlife. Rude Records artists have chosen to raise their voices for a more sustainable environment. With each song, we will donate 100% of collected funds to Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd fights to defend, conserve and protect the ocean with direct action to safeguard marine wildlife and their habitat in the world's oceans. Sea Shepherd's conservation actions aim to keep the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced marine ecosystems safe.






"Be the Change" is a groundbreaking project by Greenyl and Rude Records, focused on raising climate change awareness in the Music Community. We create 100% eco-friendly, PVC-free Vinyl Records and support Green Future Project with each purchase, contributing to tree planting and environmental initiatives. The project collaborates with ten visionary artists, offering exclusive Greenyl variants of their records to fans worldwide.


Traditional vinyl records are harmful to the environment due to toxic emissions, but Greenyl's sustainable process uses solar energy and recycled plastic to reduce the ecological footprint. The initiative aims to mitigate vinyl's impact, as it emits 16 times more harmful emissions than CDs. By embracing "Be the Change," music enthusiasts can make a positive impact on the environment and join the movement for a greener future through the power of music.






"Education for the Future" is the first project totally managed and endorsed by Rude Cares, aiming to offer school support to Dharavi children and teenagers, the largest and poorest area of Mumbai, where about one and a half million people live in conditions of extreme poverty.



It was launched in February 2021, thanks to the support of Rude Records and the precious collaboration of Rahul Devalya, our local project supervisor. He was strongly driven by the desire to help out children in his neighbourhood. The project offers a complete education support and tutoring program, intending to help reinforce the Indian school system, which is often overloaded and characterized by an excessively high dropout rate.






In July 2022 Rude Records started a partnership with Green Future Project, a platform that makes companies able to track, trace and visualize their impact in real-time. Every month, Rude donates part of its income to fund some of the projects led by GFP, aimed at the restoration and preservation of green areas and to the compensation for the company’s emissions and employees' footprint.


The widget on our website will be updated every month to ensure a constant provision of Rude’s climate impact. Through the widget, Rude supporters and customers have the chance to see what projects we are currently contributing to and where in the world they’re based.







In 2021, we started a collaboration with Cooperativa Articolo3, a social enterprise engaged in developing and managing alternative activities with young inmates within the Bollate detention center. Bollate is considered one of the most advanced detention centers in Europe, as it’s focused on attempting to recover each inmate by offering alternative measures to brutal detention. 


Rude has spent a whole day in Bollate, helping the young inmates painting a section’s wall with images of bands and solo singers that made the history of music, such as The Beatles, Elvis, The Queens and others. After finishing the work, the Rude team had lunch with the inmates outdoors. This was a special day for Rude and for the guests of Bollate, as it made us all realize once more how important it is to offer people a second chance!






 Merch for Good is a collection of exclusive t-shirts designed by some of the world's biggest artists & musicians. 100% of profits from each sale directly supports young adults living with and beyond cancer. It's a unique fundraising initiative masterminded by the small team at Trekstock 


On the occasion of 2023 World Cancer Day some of Rude Records’ artists (Have Mercy, A Will Away, The Dangerous Summer, Puppy, American Hi-Fi) donated one unique t-shirt design to Merch for Good to help and support young adults with cancer through Trekstock. For more info on how we can support you or a loved one, or to get involved with Trekstock, check out





In June 2020, all label’s monthly revenues collected from the release of new singles were donated to Black Lives Matter in support of the fight against all forms of racism. Rude Cares has also supported the following international foundations: Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, Black Renaissance, Campaign Zero, Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, National Bailout Fund.



Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective - Idealist


National Bail Out