The Fatal Feast Transparent Magenta w/ Purple & White Splatter Vinyl LP

Municipal Waste

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Limited to 1000

This exclusive variant of The Fatal Feast includes:

- 100% Eco-Friendly, zero-impact, carbon-neutral LP
- Laminated sticker
- Hand-numbering
- Varnish inserts
- Eco-certified paper parts (FSC & PEFC)

This record is part of Be the Change, a project conceived and developed by Rude Cares aiming at raising awareness towards climate change and environmental impact in the Music Community.

We’ve selected Artists that share this vision and we designed exclusive and limited Eco-Friendly variants of one of their records to offer to fans globally. Donations to the Green Future Project for each release are made, and 100 new trees are planted to offset each project’s residual footprint fully.


Side A:
1. Waste In Space (Main Title)
2. Repossession
3. New Dead Masters
4. Unholy Abductor
5. Idiot Check
6. Covered In Sick / The Barfer
7. You're Cut Off
8. Authority Complex
9. Standards And Practices

Side B:
1. Crushing Chest Wound
2. The Monster With 21 Faces
3. Jesus Freaks
4. The Fatal Feast
5. 12 Step Program
6. Eviction Party (Bonus)
7. Death Tax
8. Residential Disaster

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