About RUDE Records

About Rude Records

Rude Records is an independent record label with global distribution and a team in US, the UK, Australia, Japan and Asia.

Founded in 2000, it currently counts a total catalogue of over 200 releases, and has been developing its own growing roster of international artists during the past decades. Rude Records also represents a selection of alternative US labels in Europe.

Rude Records manages all functions of a typical record label internally (A&R, talent scouting, marketing, PR, communications, royalties management) and has direct worldwide physical distribution deals; Rude Records is digitally distributed worldwide by Sony Music via The Orchard, the main global independent digital aggregator.

Rude Records is also a US music publisher.

Ilich Rausa

Founder, President

Federico Croci

A&R, General Manager

Filippo Falconi

Project Manager

Beatrice Feudale

Digital Strategist

Martina Decina


Davide Storelli

Graphic Design

Nicolò Bertaglia

Sales & Production

Stephanie Van Spronsen

Label Manager

Siobhan Connor

UK Promotions

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