Graphic Nature

A Mind Waiting To Die 12″ Aquamarine and Black Nebula Vinyl

£22.00 Inc. VAT

A Mind Waiting to Die on vinyl

Release Date: 17 February 2023

Limited to 100

This title is printed on Greenyl, 100% eco-friendly, PVC-free vinyl. Using only recycled materials and renewable energy sources, the production process of this vinyl is completely sustainable.

Side A:
1. 404
2. Sour
3. Into The Dark
4. Killing Floor
5. Sleepless
6. White Noise

Side B:
1. 90
2. Bad Blood
3. Twisted Fear
4. Headstone
5. Death Wish
6. A Twin
7. The Downpour

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Available to pre-order

This is a pre-order and will be released on February 17th 2023