MOBS release ’80s inspired EP “You Want Beauty?” featuring new single “Say Anything”.

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Inspired by '80s pop culture, music and cinema, MOBS capture a sense of nostalgia in their sound and style, which is often coined by critics as "power pop" or "synth filled retro bangers". The Melbourne (Australia) four-piece, creatively examine coming-of-age movies to understand how such films have a sense of relataiblity and are full of emotion. By exploring this notion, they expand on such messaging and feeling, directly into their lyrics and sound. This theme can be heard in their brand new EP "You Want Beauty?", out today via Rude Records.

The EP features the single "Say Anything" , which was inspired by the Cameron Crowe movie, Say Anything. The single is written in the perspective of the protagonist, announcing that he'll do whatever she needs him to do, as long as he makes her happy. The EP, which oozes with catchy melodies and is boosted with high energy, is available now for streaming & download.

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The EP comes one month after the release of their label-debut EP "Bad Love", featuring lead single "Dark Side Of A Good Thing". The single reflects on a toxic relationship, a theme which is often prevalent in '80s movies. The band explains, "The song elaborates on the decision of just going with the flow, even though you know the endgame is going to leave you broken." Throughout the EP, fans can appreciate the bittersweet pop bright sound, with a mix of dark undertones in the lyrical messaging.
To celebrate the recent signing with independent label Rude Records, and the releses of "Bad Love" and "You Want Beauty?"MOBS, have announced they are hitting the studio to record their debut album due for worldwide release later this year.  

The group first released their debut single, "Dark Side of a Good Thing", in Australia on January 27 2017 – their first under the guise of MOBS – followed by the fully fledged “Bad Love” EP in May 2017. The EP saw the band’s first success on commercial radio with the single receiving airplay on Melbourne’s Hit FM and KIIS FM as well as live TV appearances on MTV and Channel 9.

MOBS has a rich history. What began as an acoustic duo in 2013 with Michael Ashfield (Guitar) and Jordan Clarey (Vocals/Keys) forming as Move On Be Strong, soon grew to include drummer Matt Purcell in June that same year. In April 2015, Scott MacDougall (Bass/Keys) was added and the band, as it is currently known, was complete. Touring with the likes of Short Stack and With Confidence and having released two EP’s and three singles, Move On Be Strong grew from strength to strength and a fan base to boot. In early 2017 the band rebranded under the acronym of MOBS after a shift in their musical direction.

The band have spent a lot of time crafting their niche sound, mixing old: drawing inspiration by 80’s icons including Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, Mr Mister, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Steve Winwood and Billy Ocean; with new including pop culture stalwarts LANY, COIN, M83, The 1975, Joan, LAUV – to name a few. Don’t be quick to pigeonhole the band though, the band have experimented, drawing sounds from a retro era and writing songs from the perspective of the main character of specific 80’s or 90’s films. At a time when styles of 80’s retro is making its return to this modern day… the world just can’t get away from 80’s nostalgia, which is fruitful for MOBS to create their own unique footprint.

We have always been a huge fan of the 80’s era musically and cinematically,” says Matt Purcell. “To gel these two concepts together we believe it represented our vision going forward with the band”. Scott adds: “The nostalgic pop sound that we have put out there is something that we have been working on for a really long time and it’s great that we can branch out into such a broad genre yet still recognise where we have come from”. 

We want to show the world who we are. We love what we do and we want to continue to write more music together”.

MOBS released "You Want Beauty?" EP today, March 15th 2019, via Rude Records. To stream, purchase, please visit:

You Want Beauty? Tracklist:
Drive Away
Say Anything
Growing Up
Say Anything (Acoustic)

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