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Vocals / Guitar


I the Mighty frontman Brent Walsh will release new EP ‘Are You Even There at All?’ on November 2nd via Rude Records. The album was recorded with producer Courtney Ballard (I the Mighty, 5 Seconds Of Summer, All Time Low) at the MDDN Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

His first solo release in four years, ‘Are You Even There at All?’ shows the growth of Walsh as an artist. He shares, “My creative inspiration is constantly changing, but I have over a decade and a half of experience now writing bodies of work that reflect a certain period of my life. '7' had a lot of sadness, and self-deprecation. 'Are You Even There at All' was written and recorded from a place of joy. Pain can be an incredible motivator. However, so can love.”

Though similar to ‘7’, Walsh experiments with blending genres, delicately balancing hip-hop and R&B with singer-songwriter and a cappella styles. Walsh explains, “The growth on this record came in the means of taking those things a step further in each direction, but with a more modern production approach. I wanted it to still be all over the map, but feel current.” This is apparent on tracks like “The Way You Seem”, a hip-hop track founded on a beat composed by I the Mighty guitarist Ian Pedigo. And on “Moon Creep”, where Walsh, inspired by a cappella act Pentatonix, bursts into a full pop anthem brimming with doo wop vocals. “I've always been a huge fan of harmonies and layered vocals,” Walsh reveals, “The voice is such a versatile tool that can act as essentially any type of instrument in a track.”

On ‘Are You Even There at All?’, Walsh pulls from experience , experimenting and further honing his sound. The result proves Walsh’s most ambitious and diverse yet, taking a bold step forward in his creative journey.

With I the Mighty, Walsh has toured and shared stage with the likes of Coheed And Cambria, Deftones, Pierce The Veil, The Dear Hunter, Say Anything, Glassjaw, and more. 



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