RUDE Records Artist Youth Killed It

Youth Killed It are a 5-piece Indie-Punk band from London/Norwich.

They could be mistaken for The Lost Boys from Peter Pan but instead of living in a far away land, having imaginary food fights and taking on Hook they are now trying to share their love of childhood with you one song at a time. Explosive riffs reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys and their stream-of-consciousness vocal deliveries could fool you into thinking you’re listening to a mashup of your favourite 2000’s Britpop bands.

Having spent 2016 laying the foundations to their sound and gaining interest from all over the world, Youth Killed It signed an album deal with Rude Records off the back of two EP’s released early in the year.

They began in 2010 under a different moniker which some may know as ‘Under The Influence’. This former version of the band was writing and recording metal-oriented music and had moderate success after signing to Hassle Records. Extensively touring the UK, America and doing festivals around Europe, Under The Influence reformed in early 2016 as Youth Killed It in an attempt to move into music more inline with their evolving tastes and personalities.

Looking back far enough, the band have known each other since they were kids having met around the Norwich and King’s Lynn music scene back when bands like Deaf Havana were first breaking into the UK rock scene. Obviously the boys never grew up due to the air in Norfolk or something and so they decided to set off on an adventure writing songs about never doing the dishes and hating their day jobs. A band that just wanna have fun and not take things to seriously in a world where everything is taxing and exhausting. They just want to be your mates and play shows and maybe share a beverage with you.